Medical Bill Review

At ICMS, our staff of experienced medical auditors performs a high level review of each bill our clients submit. This review is undertaken in an effort to achieve a maximum reduction.

We review bills for redundancies and errors, and also apply legal mandates to the charges, including work comp fee schedules and other terms that may apply to reduce medical bills.

For states that are not beholden to work comp fee schedules, we use current data for Usual, Comparable and Reasonable charges and apply that data in an effort to find reductions on medical bills.

If requested, we are able to provide PPO discounts in addition to fee schedule or UCR discounts. We are networked into a system that allows ICMS to apply the discounts of 28 different PPO’s in 50 states. When paired with our high level review, we are often able to provide clients with a 50% or more reduction in their overall medical costs on claims.


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